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Alanna - Naturally Beautiful Ayurvedic Skin Care and Hair Care products made from natural ingredients. Beautiful Handmade Soaps, Body Butter and Herbal Packs at prices like no other!


Pure, flawless, blemish free, healthy, glowing - That is the skin and hair that we were gifted by nature. Dull, tired, spotted, worn - That is the skin and hair that we are living with today!

In this day and age of constant exposure to the elements like dust, pollution, stress etc, it has become a distant dream to have pure, healthy skin and hair! We are bombarded every day with artificial products that promise to run miracles and get us instant results, however, have we ever stopped to think about what cost are these miracles produced? A study revealed that the average person hosts a deadly cocktail of anywhere around 125 to 515 chemicals on their body, EVERYDAY!! Staggering Stuff huh?

This led me to go back to my roots and research my grandmother's wisdom and explore the organic, authentic and genuine body and hair care products! Having made these products successfully for a while now, gave birth to ALANNA, a brand, which endorses clean, chemical-free, homemade, completely organic products to repair, protect and enhance your skin and hair! Products by ALANNA, like it's brand name, suggests, pure beauty!

Our skin absorbs the nutrients from the products we use and passes it right into our blood stream! Do you really still want to have a heavy toxic chemical cocktail every day? I know, I don't! :)

Come try Alanna's skincare and haircare range... While it may not produce overnight miracles, it surely will nourish, nurture and pamper your skin, hair, and heart!


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