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Ashmina Designer Knitwear was but a germ of an idea in Asha's mind as she walked away from receiving her Diploma in Fashion Design. The transition from a young girl to a middle-aged woman was made harder by a sudden paucity of clothing options. A mother of two shouldn't have to look twice her age and while designing clothes for herself, Asha considered the possibility of making this a business.

Raising two kids didn't let her take the idea to fruition for a few more years; when the opportune moment did arrive, her beginnings were humble. Distributing flyers for her exhibitions started at 5am but the effort was worth it's while; the response to her designs was overwhelming. Finally, real women had options for clothing - they didn't need to resort to just salwar kameezes and sarees. They could go back to their younger days and brandish pants, tops and skirts that were sophisticated and stylish.

The success of her exhibitions emboldened her to buy the lease on a store in Warden Road. With the changing milieu and the emergence of malls, she took the plunge and was among the first lessees at Crossroads Mall and now has a swank store at the Atria Mall. With her son Nikhil joining the fray, she is set to take her business to the next level and expand overseas. The wheel has come a full circle - she has scheduled her Hrst exhibition inthe UK in
a few months, hoping to repeat her success and open a store overseas...

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