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DAO EVTech, one of the Electric Scooter Manufacturers In India, is a smart electric mobility manufacturing startup with the mission to deliver reliable, high quality and innovative products through the ‘Make in India’ initiative with a mission to mature the EV industry in India. DAO EVTech brings together superior and sophisticated service processes from the USA and manufacturing excellence of over 20 years in the electric mobility sector from China. These combine to make Dao a truly local brand with global expertise.

Led by global business and technology veterans and with the support from international teams across the world, DAO EVTech brings best practices to customers for the Indian EV Industry.


The DAO EVTech Electric Scooter Range includes :

Model 703 with an LFP Lithium Battery which comes with 3 years warranty and 2000 charge cycles a top speed of 70km and a 100km range. Read more about the Model 703 Electric Scooter at

Vidyut 106 - the sport model offers a range of 80km with a top speed of 25km. Read more about the Vidyut 106 Sport Electric Scooter Model at

Vidyut 108 - the urban model offers a range of 80km with a top speed of 25km. Read more about the Vidyut 108 Urban Electric Scooter at

ZOR 405 - the delivery vehicle offers a range of 75km with a top speed of 45km. Read more about the ZOR 405 Electric Delivery Vehicle at


DAO EVTech Electric Scooter Showroom Near Me : The DAO EVTech Electric Scooter Flagship Experience Center is at Saraty City Capital Mall, Hyderabad. To get more infromation visit  

DAO EVTech Electric Scooter Dealership : For information on Electric Scooter Dealership visit :


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