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The Donut Baker

"The Donut Baker" serves a large range of innovative high quality donuts and other bakeries along with a menu of premium coffees and juices. The stores range from small kiosks to larger outlets with full seating capacity. The larger outlets produce the donuts fresh at the store level, and then distribute them to smaller non-production units.

"The Donut Baker" mixes up its proprietary dough on site and goes through several dough batches daily to assure it is mixed to perfection. Its bakers are extensively trained to produce consistently incredibly tasting donuts that are only served fresh. Donuts that have not sold within 8 hours of being produced are thrown away.

Ring Donuts - Honey Dipped Donuts, Chocolate Fudge Donuts, Strawberry Frost Donuts, Maple Donuts, Choco Marble Donuts, Cinnamon Donuts

Speciality Donuts - Strawberry Feat Donuts, Chocolate Bavarain Donuts, Classic Choco Donuts, Chocolate Fantasy Donuts, Chocolate Swirl Donuts, Smiley Donuts, Chocolate Donuts, Marble Donuts

Tart Donuts - Strawberry Net Donuts, Bluberry Net Donuts, Mango Net Donuts, Spicy Salsa Donuts

Twist / Bowthe - Choco Twist, Honey Dipped Bowthe, Honey Dipped Twist

Filled Donuts - Bluberry Filled Donuts, Bavarain Filled Donuts, Strawberry Filled Donuts, Mango Filled Donuts

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