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Linen Legacy

All sales, offers, deals. events at Linen Legacy. Fabrics and Beyond introduces Linen Legacy, the all new luxury clothing brand presenting exclusive linen apparels for men and women. The raw material for Linen Legacy products is sourced from Club Burgoyne, who also supplied raw material for several High-end Fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani prior to launching their own clothing line.

Tracing their Heritage back to 1912, Club Burgoyne has generations of experience that have gone in to building a reputation for designing the world's finest linen fabrics. Drawing inspiration from illustrious history to create innovative and progressive designs, Club Burgoyne is an embodiment of modern, sophisticated style.

At Linen Legacy, the assortment of traditional yarn is crafted from pure Irish linen for your comfort and contentment, which also fits in perfectly for the climate in the country. Apart from adding to authenticity and style, wearing linen is simply the idea of having a wardrobe suitable for both formal and fashionable events. The weave of Irish Linen allows more airflow and is valued for its exceptional coolness in hot weather. Its natural fibers soften with use, making it lint free and resistant to abrasion. Linen is durable and environment friendly as it needs less water and far less levels of chemicals to thrive.

The swift expansion of fashion in India over the past decade has brought a bounty of benefits. Men and women are dressing their age and body type, understanding what shapes, fit and fabrics work best for them. Today, one has a plethora of clothing brands offering wide variety of fabrics and styles to choose from. Linen is known to be one of the most desired among the rest. Linen is much sought after for its comfort and style. Wearing linen has now become a statement of individualistic style.

About Fabrics and Beyond
Fabrics and Beyond are Custom designers and manufacturers of high quality Hotel Uniforms, Restaurant Uniforms, Resort Uniforms, Housekeeping Uniforms and Spa Uniforms based in Chennai. High quality, consistent products has made them a prominent Custom uniform supplier to the Hospitality, Entertainment, Food Service and Cruise industry.

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