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Brand Weekender is one of the pioneer retail brands In India. Established in 1987 it was very popular because of its trendy apparel and because of its catchy tagline - Wear Your Attitude

It was first launched for the Youth and soon Weekender kids was introduced (in 1992). Once again Weekender caught the fancy of children and parents alike with the lovable Weekender kids mascot widely recognised.

Today brand Weekender has repositioned itself as a family brand catering to young adults and children while it continues to be trendy affordable fashion. The product offering is targeted to people in their mid 20's to mid 30's and children in the age group of 2 - 12 yrs.

The tag line also has undergone a change and talks about what the brand expects to deliver to the customer. 'Dress up for life's little surprises' is about looking at life lightly and easily - taking joy in the small pleasures of life. And on all these occasions, Weekender would like to be a part your life as your life- sharing your joys and hopes.

Weekender is currently retailed through 120 exclusive outlets and 40 shop-in-shops across the country. The brand is on an expansion mode and is looking at operating through 200 + outlets by the end of 2012.

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