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Wow! Momo

Wow! Momo is Kolkata's 1st successful Chain of Momos with 10 outlets at High Footfall Zones across the city and now outlets in Pune, Bangalore & Chennai. Well, talking about our Momos, we feel glad when our Consumers say, our 'Chicken Momos are the best in Town', but while serving Tibetan food we have not Really remained Conventional. We've actually 'Played with Momos' and launched newer varities of Momos available in different shapes and styles. We were the 1st ones to introduce Kolkatans to Prawn Momo, Pomfret Momo and Mushroom Momo. Also Our 'Chicken and Cheese Momo' and 'Chicken Capsicum Momo' are a major hit indeed. Currently our Menu Caters to 8 differenr varities of Momos in Veg and Non - Veg available in all three forms - Steamed, Fried and Pan-Fried. The Momos are served with 2 different types of Sauces - 'The Red Chilli Dip' and The 'Coriander Dip.' The Pan-Fried Momos are tossed in 2 different types of Sauces - Schezwan Sauce and Tomato garlic Sauce.

Apart from Momos, we also serve 'Thukpas' (A Tibetan Meal) - It's a meal which is again different, tastes good, satisfies your hunger and does not really make you feel heavy on your tummy - a Light soup served with Noodles, Little bit of vegetables, Mushroom, Chicken, etc.

To provide additional values to our vegetarian consumers, our pantaloons outlet @ Gariahat is a completely Vegetarian Kiosk. We've also named it 'Wow! Momo Veggie'... Here we serve 7 different varities of Veggie momo in the form of Paneer, Mushroom, Corn-Spring Onion, Soya, Veg Schezwan, etc. This outlet also serves Fresh Fruit Juice.

On The Menu : Lots and Lots of Veg and Non- Veg Steamed Momos, Fried Momos & Pan-Fried Momos, Thukpa's, Fish Fingers, Fresh Fruit Juices, Ice -Tea and Pepsi

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