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~ Intense nutrition and repair for very dry and damaged hair~

Mumbai, April 27th, 2016- 1/10 women in India have damaged hair. Exposed to multiple aggressions such as sun, pollution, repeated chemical treatments like hair colouring, highlighting, heat styling and electronic hair drying, our hair loses nourishment and tends to get damaged. Damaged hair develops more negative charge and causes changes in surface condition like loss of Hydrophobicity. Hair loses its natural lubrication causing decrease in natural transfer of sebum lipids and hair lipids making hair dry. The opened cuticles tend to give hair a rough and brittle feel. Therefore damaged hair needs to be repaired and nourished to return to its normal healthy state.

To address this issue further, Vichy Laboratoires, adds a Rich Mask to their Nutri repair range. DERCOS NUTRI REPAIR MASK nourishes and repairs the hair from the fiber, accentuates the smoothing effect and helps with detangling.

The Dercos Nutri Repair Mask offers double concentrate of nutrition & repair within the highest tolerance textures for sensitive scalps. Itis rich in Keratin complex comprising 5 amino acids. This cocktail of vital molecules coats the cuticle to fill the gaps of the hair, reconstructs the surface, making the inside fiber more resistant against external aggressions. It also contains nutritional richness of 3 plant derived oils selected for their exceptional content of Omega 3, 6 & 9 that restores strength to dry hair. Each of the 3 oils, namely safflower oil, rosehip oil and sweet almond oil, contribute to strengthen, hydrate and nourish damaged hair, the UV filter further protecting it from the sun damage.

Dercos Nutri Repair Mask with its velvety melting texture, is an aspirational and indulgent product in the hair category. It is suitable for sensitive scalp as its Paraben-free, Hypoallergenic, Lower in Silicone and has a Colorant-free, UV filters. As compared to a Dercos Nutri Repair Conditioner, which is meant for dry and damaged hair, Dercos Nutri Repair Mask is used for intense repair of very dry, dull and damaged hair.

Dercos Nutri Repair mask is a real nourishing treat for hair in distress. It’s an exceptional hair care that transforms the very dry to dry hair into shiny, smooth, healthy hair giving a real sensory experience. Within 10 applications, damaged hair recovers the health of a natural hair- supple, luminous and resistant to stress.

Application for use - Use after the Nourishing Reparative Cream Shampoo. Wash hair and squeeze out excess moisture. Apply one or two dabs of the Dercos Nutri Repair Mask across the length of your hair and leave it on for a minute and rinse it off well.

Price- Dercos Nutri Repair Mask is priced at 1700; 200ml


· At select pharmacies in all major cities.

· Orders can also be placed online (No delivery charges).

· To place orders or to locate the nearest Vichy store log on to:

Relieve your tress from the stress of constant damage with VICHY DERCOS NUTRI REPAIR MASK


Vichy belongs to the Active Cosmetics Division of L’Oréal India, and is distributed exclusively via the pharmacy and drugstore channel in the country and worldwide. The brand is sold with the qualified advice of a pharmacist or dermocosmetic skincare advisor and with the support and recommendation of dermatologists.

Research is at the heart of Vichy Laboratoires and L’Oréal Research ensures that Vichy is among the first to benefit from their very latest, state-of-the-art innovations in dermatological research.

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